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The Leicester Welcome Project needs your support

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Posted on 08:32, Wednesday, September 19

One Roof Homes Launch (pdf)

When I needed a neighbour ……….

 The Leicester Welcome Project is in need of funds to enable us to continue
 to provide food to around 30 asylum seekers every Thursday morning at St
 Martin’s House.

In 2016 we offered friendship and food to almost 300 families and
 individuals from 29 different countries, ranging from Syria to the Sudan,
 from Iraq to Uzbekistan. Each one came with their own personal story of
 flight from danger, often by boat across the Mediterranean, by truck across
 Europe, arriving as strangers in Britain in or under a lorry. Much of the
 food we offer is generously donated by churches from their Harvest Festivals
 or by Leicester supermarkets. However, we also need to spend around £40 a
 week on staples like potatoes, onions, rice, sugar and cooking oil and our
 funds are running out!
 The Leicester Welcome Project is now appealing for twelve congregations to
 contribute just £160 each in order to sponsor a month’s supply of staple
 foods for these neighbours in need.  Please send cheques payable to
 ‘Leicester Welcome Project’ to Revd Tony Cox, Treasurer, Leicester Welcome
 Project, 169, Main Street, Willoughby on the Wolds, Loughborough, LE12 6SY.
 Please contact Albert Mosley on
 <>  for more information.
 Kind regards,
 Louise Cooke
 Justice and Peace Fieldworker, Nottingham R.C. Diocese
 Tel: 07410 411048
 Usual working days: Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays a.m.