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'Bread of Life'-Springs Dance Company

Bread of Life – A deeply moving and captivating performance for your church for Lent and Easter 2018.

Springs Dance Company is delighted to be returning with its much sought after and highly praised production Bread of Life, for churches, cathedrals, festivals and schools. A reflection on the last supper, Bread of Life celebrates the meal of bread and wine with Jesus, the ever present King. This Lent and Easter rediscover the living, breathing Bread of Life, through this stirring depiction of how God is building a community of love with Jesus himself at the centre.

“Wonderful performance so moving - reminded me what the relationship with Jesus is meant to be like.”

“A powerful and moving performance.”

“Amazing, heart-felt, inspirational.”

Audience Feedback from Bread of Life


Springs would love to hear from anyone interested in hosting a performance of Bread of Life.


Further information can be found on the Springs Dance Company website by emailing or call 07876 752 910