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Roy and Rachel talk global.

We can't deny it's been a tough season for most, we've been talking to Revd Will Van Der Hart, Coach and Director of the Mind and Soul Foundation, about maintaining our wellbeing as we remain in the ‘are we, aren’t we?’ phase of exiting lockdown. Will has done a fantastic job explaining ways to emotional health as we await the full ease of restrictions and how even the anticipation can have a negative impact

Hope (and Roy) to the world

The pandemic is a global issue and wellbeing has become a real priority worldwide. HOPE has tapped into the prophetic nature of this topic through our Wellbeing Journey and our resources have opened the door to Africa and Asia. Roy has been leading the way in sharing the series in Tanzania (via TV in Swahili). Christians in Japan, Singapore and Vietnam are all keen to translate the series for their territories. Roy is also increasingly supporting the global church in other ways as he goes part-time for HOPE, working for Revelation Trust and recruiting Gospel entrepreneurs to enable the church to be more fruitful in this season, investing in church, community and business. If that’s you, or you know someone who might be a Gospel entrepreneur, contact us. We’d love to work with you. Visit revelationtrust.org/connect

A healthy generation

We’ve just launched the all-new Wellbeing for Schools!

The series of sessions respond to the needs of the ‘recovery curriculum’ suggested for schools by the government after the first 2020 lockdown. Wellbeing Journey for schools is an edited version of the Youth Wellbeing Journey, but for specific use in secondary schools. It’s created for a generation who need a moment to pause and the tools to make wellbeing a part of how they live their lives now and in the future. As part of the sessions we have included reflection moments and pause points for discussion. It's important young pupils feel supported and can reflect on how their experiences have impacted their wellbeing. If you want to find out more about getting the wellbeing journey into your school visit: wellbeingjourney.org/schools. Also check out Matt Wild and Amy Charlton in a recent episode of Talking Hope for more on young people, schools and wellbeing.

Well that was Wild!

Wild HOPE was 12 days with a bunch of passionate young adults, most of whom have had no missional experiences before. They stepped up to be equipped and empowered and then stepped out for eight days of crazy Holy Spirit-filled mission in Leeds, Bedford, Cambridge and Cornwall. They saw so many things; healings, salvation, restoration and so much more! This has truly brought Wild HOPE to the UK, we are excited about the future.

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This summer's challenge

We are combining our love of prayer and the good old Summer Holidays with 21 Places to Pray. A fun summer challenge for all the family. Can we pray in 21 different places? Our OIKOS prayer app is filling up nicely and registering your walks. The biggest gaps are in holiday areas like Wales, Scotland, Devon and East Anglia...what an opportunity to walk and pray! We have plenty of inspiration in our Hope For Every Home prayer walking resources and in our last two Talking Hope specials featuring Revd Dr Frog Ewing talking about the unique ways we can experience prayer walking locally and while away.

Your Wellbeing Journey is our recently launched 40-page booklet, a great conversation starter on God’s plan for our wellbeing and the relevant topic of health. It helps people understand that God cares about them and their wellbeing. A stand alone gift, the booklet explores holistic wellness: body, mind and spirit  and leads nicely on to The Wellbeing Journey.

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Over the next couple of weeks on social media we are looking at the Bible as we anticipate reflection and reading over the summer holidays and thoughts on how to share with congregations and communities in the autumn. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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