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Alive this Easter...

Dear All,

Here is everything you need to know. We are so excited about the potential to reach so many with the good news this Easter that Jesus is Alive. Go on a journey to meet Jesus’ first followers as they discover for themselves that Jesus is Alive. Then find out more from some of his present-day followers who have been transformed by their encounters with the risen Jesus.Where could you run the series? Who could you invite?From just meeting with a friend at lunchtime, running it in Costa or in a life group or centrally in your church.  Grab the book and be inspired! Order the newspaper to give out everywhere, your street, your community or in your local café? Everything is here so that every age group can get involved, children and families, young people, students and the whole church.Let’s work together to make Easter impactful and ensure everyone realises that Jesus is Alive. 

Enjoy,Rachel Jordan-Wolf

Executive Director, Hope Together


Take a look 

The five film episodes unpack the resurrection appearances of Jesus; Transformed by Love, Surprised by Hope, Filled with Peace, Living in Freedom, and Fulfilling Our Purpose. Afterwards participants get a chance to discuss and there is  small group material to equip leaders and guide conversations. 

Take a first look at the trailer to get a taste of what’s to come.

We also have a preview episode for you to see how the series works. Watch episode three. Other episodes are coming soon.

Read all about it 

This Alive newspaper, which takes its look and feel from a Zine, is filled with powerful testimonies from the Alive series and evidence for the resurrection. It invites the reader to discover the risen Jesus. It will help you advertise the Alive series or get a conversation going with a friend or neighbour. Ideal for outreach and going door to door in your community. 

Preview the Zine

Alive In depth 

To support the series there is an Alive book by Dave Smith.  It is a compelling invitation to truly come alive through an encounter with the risen Jesus, and Dave unpacks how, like those who first met the resurrected Jesus, you, too can be transformed by love, surprised by hope, filled with peace, released to live in freedom and empowered to fulfil your purpose in life. 


Invite everyone to your series

We will be running a campaign to support the Alive series across the country, to make sure everyone gets the chance to come Alive this Easter. Chalk your streets over the Easter Weekend – grab the ‘Am I ALIVE?’ stencil and get spraying!

  • Grab the stencil in the shop
  • Join the digital campaign over the Easter weekend posting on your social media site
  • Put up banners and give out fliers 
  • Find all your resources here.


Alive Encounters is our series that specifically invites younger people to come on a journey to meet the real risen Jesus. We tackle it through the encounters He had with young people and young adults after rising from the dead. 


image001Alive For Families is aimed at primary school-aged children and designed for families to share with other families. Included are FREE downloadable Snack Sheets to explore the Alive stories while you have a snack together and I Spy Trails explore Alive while going for a walk or playing in the park/garden. 

Download your sheets and use them with The Awesome Easter Surprise book and animation.


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You may also know that last week we held the Alive Webinar, a chance for us to introduce you to the new series and campaign for Alive. Don’t worry if you missed it, catch up here. If you find yourself wanting to ask any questions, you can at our next webinar on Wednesday 28th February: 

- 1st Session 1 - 2.30pm 
- 2nd Session 7.30pm - 9pm  


Come and Join Us

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