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Anti-Trafficking & Modern Slavery - Awareness Raising & Volunteer Opportunities


Do you drive? Do you have a car?
If yes, then we need your help.

The Salvation Army are recruiting for new Transport Volunteer Drivers to transport victims of Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking to one of our contracted Safe Houses.

No car, no problem,
we need Chaperones too! The Salvation Army are recruiting for Transport Volunteer Chaperones to accompany Drivers & to ensure victims feel safe and cared for.
If you are interested in finding out more please contact ATMSVolunteering@salvationarmy.org.uk or visit our website
https://www.salvationarmy.org.... anti trafficking and modern slavery. 

Volunteering could make an amazing difference to someone’s life

"We Need To Show Another Way”

At a recent online event Jonathan Bryan, who communicates by using eye movements only, encouraged us all that, “As a church community we need to show another way from the norms of society, where disability is often begrudgingly accommodated.”

Jonathan communicated every word of his powerful presentation, although it was physically read by his friend, and it can be viewed at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Psp9xLxKR6s

At the event, hosted by Christian disability charity, Through the Roof, Jonathan shared some of his incredible journey from being unable to communicate to being freed to express his innermost thoughts and perspectives on life and faith, using eye movements alone to communicate via a specially designed spelling board.

He is used to the many disabling factors in society, and church life, that limit his full participation as part of God’s family – although his own church and youth leader intentionally involve him in the planning and decision-making of activities which affect him.

Still only aged 15, he has published a book, ‘Eye Can Write’ and established a charity, ‘Teach Us Too’ calling for all children to be given the opportunity to read and write, regardless of their perceived ability.

One delegate enthused: "Jonathan showed us that although he is profoundly disabled, he is also profoundly able."

Through the Roof CEO, Tim Wood said, “Jonathan’s presentation is highly recommended viewing for those committed to enabling disabled people to be part of church life, and absolutely essential for those who aren’t!”

The charity provides free support and resources to anyone who signs up as a Roofbreaker to champion the needs of disabled people in their church or ministry. Find out more at: https://throughtheroof.org/forchurches/roofbreakers  

---News Release---- April 2021

How Do I Find A Church That Welcomes Me?

A map that gives an important message to disabled people.

Through the Roof have created a new online map to show churches and ministries that are positive about disability inclusion. It’s available now at their website www.throughtheroof.org.

Fiona Gosden, Church Inclusion Coordinator at Through the Roof, said, “I’m a Christian, and a wheelchair user. Many churches don’t realise how difficult it can be for disabled people to find a church to belong to. Having recently moved to Norwich, I’m looking forward to exploring new churches, and excited about using our own new map to help me! I’d love to know if I would receive a warm welcome at your church and find a community where I can belong and play my part in God’s kingdom—so please do visit the map, and submit your own church so we can tell others about you.”’

“When I first became a Christian, I was apprehensive about finding a church that I could belong to as a wheelchair user. Only Google maps existed then, and it didn’t tell me whether the churches would welcome me. This map does.”

Joining the map doesn’t mean your church has perfect access and gets everything right, it means that you are wanting to welcome disabled people and to respond by enabling them to be part of your church.

You can welcome disabled people to your church by taking these 2 steps:

1) Have a Roofbreaker (disability champion) in your church.

2) Join your church to The Online Map to show that you want to welcome disabled people.

Through the Roof will support Roofbreakers by...                            

·       Providing a FREE 2 hour Zoom Disability Awareness workshop

·       Giving access to our free downloadable ‘Church Toolkit’

·       Helping you to discover more of the benefits of having a ‘Roofbreaker’ in your church through ongoing support, monthly emails, events, Facebook and Roofbreaker Networks.

Sign up to become a Roofbreaker here: www.throughtheroof.org/sign-up...

Join the map here: www.throughtheroof.org/sign-up...

Photos to accompany this story are available from: Dropbox – Online Map News Release – Simplify your life or by request

Notes: Through the Roof trains and equips churches and other organisations to be inclusive of people with any disability. It publishes resource material, runs short term overseas missions, distributes refurbished wheelchairs in developing countries and runs accessible holidays, among other programmes. We make the Christian gospel accessible to everyone affected by disability – disabled people and their families.

For more information please contact:

Fiona Gosden (fiona@throughtheroof.org) Deputy Church Inclusion (Roofbreaker) Co-ordinator

Janet Eardley (janet@throughtheroof.org) Church Inclusion (Roofbreaker) Co-ordinator 

Who Can Receive Communion with Us? 
A New Resource from the National Board of Catholic Women 

The National Board of Catholic Women (NBCW) are delighted to announce the publication of a new resource entitled Who Can Receive Communion with Us? which seeks to answer the question “When may Christians from other Churches ask to receive Holy Communion in a Catholic Church?” 

The leaflet is available now to view and download at https://www.nbcw.co.uk/publica... 

Paper copies may be requested via the NBCW website at https://www.nbcw.co.uk/contact...

The leaflet clarifies what is meant by sharing Communion, outlining when Communion may be shared, and provides advice about how to ask to receive Communion within the current guidance. 

The National Board of Catholic Women have written this leaflet in consultation with the Association of Interchurch Families, the Department for Faith and Unity of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales and the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Christian Unity in Rome.

Its guidance is based on the teaching of One Bread, One Body, the Bishops’ Conference teaching document on the Eucharist in the life of the Church.

 Janet Ward, of the NBCW said: “We are excited to have this leaflet available to help inform and clarify what is allowed under the Roman Catholic Church’s current guidance with regard to eucharistic hospitality. We hope it will be circulated broadly across the Church.”

Download the leaflet for more information here

Grantham and Vale of Belvoir Circuit

Superintendent Minister:

The Revd. Martin T. Smithson, B.Sc., B.Th.

Letter to CEOs of Churches Together Groups

'I am currently on sabbatical and am looking at ‘effective ecumenism’

'I'm keen to discover what is working well ecumenically, especially in local situations. I’m imagining that there are new models which I haven’t come across yet. Please would you let me know of any examples of effective, new ways of working together ecumenically in your area. I would also be interested in traditional models which are working well.'

Read the letter here: (pdf)


Keep on Praying!

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Let’s keep on praying,
because prayer makes a difference.”

Join hundreds of Christians
praying #PrayersOfHope
 each Sunday at 7.00 pm.


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